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Episode 321 – “Into Asylum”

Nathan and Claire arrive in Mexico after Nathan saved her from Danko’s men, but they have no money. At a bar Nathan enters a drinking contest to try and double the money Claire got from pawning her necklace Noah gave her but he fails. Claire then steps up and drinks the others under the table.

Claire takes a drunk Nathan back to the apartment where he tells her how he only wanted to win her approval and how he will try to change and help everyone. The next morning when he has sobered up Nathan once again doesn’t think he can do anything to change. Claire talks some sense into him so later Nathan pawns his watch for Claire’s necklace and the two head back to America.

Angela can’t sleep, therefore she can’t dream and thus can’t figure out what to do next. She and Peter have a heart to heart and Peter prays as they take refuge at a church. As Peter asks Jesus for help Noah and some agents storm in. Angela and Peter hide in confessional and Noah finds them, but gives the all clear. Later Angela sleeps in Peter’s arms and dreams. She knows what to do next. She must find Claire and Nathan in Mexico then with Peter go to her sisters.

Danko is looking for a shape-shifter but his target seems to have one over on him. Sylar offers to help and Danko is cautious at first until Sylar leads him right to his man. They lose him in a bar but soon find him again when he shifts into a clone of Sylar. They shoot him and Sylar takes his ability, without carving open the targets skull.

With the shape-shifter dead and with no Sylar like injuries Danko claims he has captured and killed the real Sylar but really he and his now shape-shifting partner are to hunt down the rest of the people with abilities and kill them. Sylar is happy knowing he’ll be the only one left.

Another good episode, I don’t know what’s happened to Heroes lately but it seems to be on the right path. Claire looked freakin’ hot in this episode too and her acting was much better than I’ve seen before. Lots of family relationships going on in this episode, lots of bonding, and in the Petrelli family. Only a couple of episodes left now though, how will this season end?

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