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Episode 322 – “Turn and Face The Strange”
Noah can’t and won’t believe that Sylar is really dead, so when he learns the body is being cremated he rushes to the crematorium to pull the spike out of his head and see for himself. He does and realises that it’s not Sylar. DNA analysis of the blood from the spike reveals who he really is and Noah pieces the puzzle together to learn Sylar is now a shapeshifter.

Sylar himself has agreed with Danko that he is going to make Noah’s life miserable, he starts this by imitating Noah’s wife Sandra and filing for divorce. Noah notices the signatures don’t match on the divorce papers to that of his wife’s and when he confirms Sylar is a shapeshifter he confronts Sandra and holds her at gunpoint. Lyle rings and Noah realises what he’s done and he leaves.

Back at the company Noah impersonates Sylar impersonating him and meets with Danko, he holds him at gunpoint until Danko tells Noah who Sylar really is impersonating, the leader of one of the teams who’ve racked up some big wins lately. Noah confronts Sylar but Danko now pretends he knows nothing and the other agents try to stop Noah from shooting, but he fires, his aim broken by an agent and he ends up shooting Sylar in the back. The agent lies apparently dead on the ground and Noah runs. Danko sends the agents after him and watches as Sylar heals.

Meanwhile Hiro and Ando get to Washington where they find Matt who has been on a mission to destroy Danko and his relationship with an escort whom he has fallen in love with. Matt exposes to the escort who Danko really is and she is heartbroken and leaves. Matt was planning on killing her but he isn’t that cold hearted so asks Danko to shoot him. Just as the bullet is fired, Hiro turns up and whisks Matt away, introducing him to his son.

Angela, Peter, Nathan and Claire all arrive at Coyote Sands, the place Angela dreamt about. She says this is where it all started and if they want answers they’ll have to dig. Noah arrives and has an awkward reunion with Claire. In the ground they find dead bodies, Angela knew them all. One has a bullet hole through its skull. In New York, Mohinder has found some of his fathers research and it turns out he was at Coyote Sands too.

This episode slipped a bit for me this week, not as hot as the last two but at least not as cold as those mid-season. Where are they going with this? There are only two episodes left I think, can they keep this up? I know in the golden day’s of Batman the villains always escaped to fight another day, but honestly, can the fight against Sylar carry on forever? I think Heroes needs to define a certain end point, like Lost did, if not the end of a season at least a way to either kill off Sylar or imprison him for a season, give a chance for something different, something fresh.

Y2Rating: 6/10

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