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Episode 323 – “1961”
Peter wants to know why they’re digging up bodies and through flashbacks we learn what really happened at Coyote Sands. In 1961 a young Angela and her sister Alice are brought to Coyote Sands with their parents, they soon find that everyone there has an ability. They are being treated by Mohinders father, Dr. Chandra Suresh and seem to have faith in him.

Angela learns of her sisters ability, she is able to control the weather and it tends to storm when she gets upset or scared. Alice also forgot to pack any clothes with her and so is cold at night. Angela promises to get her some socks. Young Linderman, Young Charles Deveaux and Young Bobby Bishop are all at Coyote Sands and they decide to organise a break out. They tell Angela to lie to Alice because she can’t come. Angela tells Alice she’ll be safe if she stays where she is.

Whilst the four are away Chandra takes Alice to experiment on her, she gets scared and causes a storm, attacking one of the doctors with a lightning bolt. She runs to what we presume is her father who uses his power to attack a guard who is chasing Alice. Another guard shots him and Alice hides as a war breaks out.

Back in the present and Angela believes Alice is still alive. Mohinder arrives at Coyote Sands and rescues Noah from the storm that has suddenly picked up. Angela comes face to face with her sister who doesn’t want to talk to her, when she learns Angela lied she goes crazy and attacks Angela and Mohinder with lightning. Angela asks Alice to stop this and come home with her, Alice says no and vanishes. Angela says she’ll never see her sister again.

As they all set about leaving Mohinder decides to stay. Peter has found some film footage of Chandra and Mohinder doesn’t want to be the monster his father was. At a café later, Noah, Claire, Peter, Angela and Nathan agree to put the past behind them, they’re a family, not a company. Nathan says he’ll go to Washington and speak to the President, but Claire says he already has as she points to the TV showing Nathan addressing the public. Noah tells them it’s Sylar.

They’re losing it, they’re losing me again. They didn’t need to take a whole episode to tell us that Angela has a sister and she’s still alive. We learnt nothing from the young Linderman, Deveaux and Bishop only as an excuse to see them set up the company. Once again Nathan has changed his allegiance and they’re agreed to forget everything that’s happened this season.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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