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Episode 324 – “I Am Sylar”
After Nathan witnessed himself addressing the public, realising Sylar was impersonating him we see what happened in the eighteen hours prior. Danko has told Sylar to remain as one of the members of his team but Sylar is starting to lose his control. Going to bed as himself and waking up as the agent is confusing him and he’s finding his DNA is changing and taking a while to change back.

Danko tells Sylar to get a grip, find a constant that reminds him of who he is so Sylar gets a bunch of evidence from a local policeman that contains his mothers possessions. Later he and Danko are hot on the trail of Rebel and Sylar finds it’s Micah but can’t bring himself to kill him. Instead he takes Micah back with him and is told that he can be the one to stop all of this hunting, now he’s a shapeshifter, Sylar can be anything, or anyone, he wants.

Micah leaves as Sylar looks through his mothers things, she then appears to him and the pair have a conversation although it is revealed it is Sylar talking to himself. He seems to be suffering from split personality disorder. They decide that he can be anyone, even the President and so goes on to give the press conference.

The real Nathan decides that its time to end this, he needs to get to the President before Sylar does and he flies off, Peter wants to help but Nathan leaves, so Peter follows. Nathan and Sylar come face to face and Danko appears and shoots Nathan with a tranquilliser. Danko tells Sylar to turn back into the agent but he refuses and then Danko stabs him in the back of the head with a knife. But Sylar gets up, he wasn’t incapacitated, trouble looms for Danko.

Meanwhile Hiro and Ando ask Matt to tell them the way to Building 26 but Matt says he doesn’t want their blood on his conscience and refuses, instead opting to join Janice and his son. At her home Matt realises agents are coming for them so he sends them off the trail by getting into their heads. He then tells Janice they’ll always be coming for them unless he helps Hiro and Ando take them down.

Hiro and Ando are at Building 26. Hiro attempts to freeze time but gets a nosebleed and complains his head hurts. Mohinder is visited by the agents at Coyote Sands and is incapacitated and abducted as are Angela Petrelli, Claire, and Noah as they get stopped at a roadblock and swarmed by agents.

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