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Episode 313 – “Dual”
This episode is the end of volume three and it ties up all the loose ends. Last week I posted about the future of Heroes and what direction they wanted to take, starting afresh it seemed and this episode allows that to happen.

Following on immediately from the last episode Nathan walks in to find Peter standing over his dead father. The two brothers still disagree over the future of the company, Nathan wants to run it, give people abilities and Peter thinks its wrong. Peter knocks out Nathan after being unable to shoot him and goes off to destroy the formula. As Mohinder tries to stop Peter both Knox and Flint turn up and help Peter to destroy the lab.

Matt, Ando and Daphne go to Mohinders apartment but he’s not there, he must be in Pinehearst. Daphne runs off to fetch him but enters just as Flint, Knox and Peter are tearing up the place, she steals a formula out of Mohinders hand and takes it back to Ando. Matt is worried he won’t get the power he wants and after some comic relief Ando discovers his power, he’s like a turbo charger, he amplifies others abilities. They decide that if he charges up Daphne then she can run back in time and save Hiro.

Hiro manages to climb up the flagpole and to safety where he meets himself as a child and they go to his fathers safe and take the formula. Hiro’s Dad catches them and asks Hiro to explain himself, but just before he is about to be slain Daphne turns up and whisks him back to the future. He sadly didn’t bring the formula with him. So they zip off again to where it resides in Pinehearst and destroy it once and for all.

Sylar locks Angela, Noah, Meredith and Claire in at Primatech and they split up to try and find him. Noah releases the inmates of level five with the theory that to catch a shark you need bait. The puppet master saves Meredith from Sylar but only ends up getting killed himself and then Sylar stabs her with adrenalin which causes her powers to go crazy. Sylar tricks Noah into a Level 5 cell and locks him in with Meredith with only one bullet. Who will kill who? Claire hears of this and rushes off to save her Dad leaving Angela to Sylar. He learns that she isn’t his real mother but she knows who is.

Meredith uses her heat to melt the bulletproof window and Noah shoots it which cracks the glass but that is all until Claire jumps through it. Meredith has no control over her power so is left as Claire and Noah go to save Angela. Claire stabs Sylar in the back of the head as Angela distracts him with talk of his mother and father and that she wanted to use him as a killer for the company. Angela, Claire and Noah escape as Meredith burns down the building.

Back at the lab Flint and Peter continue to destroy things whilst Knox keeps Nathan under wraps. Tracy turns up and kills Knox and tells Nathan they can get out of this, they just have to take the formula and run away. Nathan isn’t happy with that so fires her and goes to the lab. Peter and Flint push over the vat of the formula and an incapacitated Mohinder gets covered in it, which cures him! Then Flint turns on Peter but Nathan saves him before turning on Peter. Flint sets the place on fire and Nathan gets trapped in the blaze. Peter finds some of the formula on the floor and injects himself which gives him flight and he saves Nathan who is ungrateful for it when they land.

The end of volume three brings on volume four and Nathan is talking to the President, he has a list of people with abilities and he wants to round them up.

Pretty packed episode, lots going on and lots of stories ended. Mohinder is back to normal, Peter has an ability, fair few guys now dead. I don’t believe Meredith is dead as she survived once when she burnt the place down as a child, she must be flame retardant – just like Flint who said he can’t be burned. Sure the building is collapsing but they’ll survive. Sylar also won’t be dead as I know they’re going to focus on his parental issues next season, the glass will fall out of his head as the building collapses no doubt. The formula is destroyed now no one can make any, I was confused when Tracy wanted to go with Nathan and build the formula themselves when they’ve no longer got a catalyst. I was also confused as to how Mohinder could ingest the formula on the floor yet Peter who was also wading around in it had to inject himself – could have just swallowed it.

I forgot to mention the super soldier got wiped out by Knox in a really brutal way, it was pretty awesome. So good mid-season finale? I guess so. Time to start again, from a clean slate. Hopefully Chapter Four (Vigilantes) will bring some much needed sense to the show.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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