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Episode 314 – “A Clear and Present Danger”
Once again everything’s changed here in the land of our Heroes. We start with Tracey, on the phone talking about Nathan Petrelli’s latest interview on the TV. He is talking about tightening up Homeland Security because there are some dangerous people out there and the country needs protecting. She is attacked in her own home and taken. We see each of our Heroes months after Pinehearst burnt to the ground and see them trying to live “normal” lives.

Claire is in New York looking at possible colleges with Angela. She tells her that she has a sick feeling in her gut that Sylar is still out there and alive. She says she has seen something in her Dad’s drawer about an incident in Memphis and she wants to know what her Dad, both of them, are up to. Angela tells her they both watched as Pinehearst burnt and Sylar with it, they found dental records, there is nothing to worry about. As Claire goes to leave later she overhears Angela on the phone to Nathan, she says Claire is suspicious. Claire picks up another phone and listens as Nathan tells his mother to keep Claire away from what’s about to go down, he is going to get Peter and Parkman. Angela spots Claire on the phone and she leaves.

Peter is a paramedic, he loses someone on the streets of New York and blames himself, if only he were stronger. He gets a phone call from Claire flustered about what she’s just heard so he goes to see Angela. On the way he gets in a taxi driven by Mohinder, they share a memory and Peter gets out. The next passenger to get in is the same one who attacked Tracey earlier, he tells Mohinder to just drive.

Angela is not home, but Nathan is. Nathan wants his brother to forgive him but Peter knows what he’s up to. He says as long as he continues to do what he thinks he’s doing, Peter can never support him. Nathan asks what ability Peter has now and offers Peter dinner, he accepts as he leaves. When he gets home Peter finds Nathan waiting for him. Nathan asks for a hug and then Noah Bennett electrocutes Peter from behind and they take him away.

Daphne rushes in and Matt is sitting there, he says she’s not supposed to be using her ability anymore, they’re trying to be normal. Matt is now a bodyguard but Daphne thinks normal is boring. She wants to help Matt open his own detective agency but he refuses to use stolen money. She agrees to try and live normally and as they hug Matt sees the precog who took him on a journey. After Daphne leaves again the precog tells Matt he has been chosen to be a phrophet and will see the future through drawing. Matt’s eyes go white as he begins to draw.

He is woken from his trance by a knock at the door, it’s Claire. They look over his drawings together and realise they’re about to come true as Matt is attacked by the group that has been rounding up Heroes. They take Claire too. On the top of a car park, Mohinder approaches more masked men looking to round up people with abilities. Mohinder uses his super strength to attack them and runs. Noah appears in a car and Mohinder gets in, but it’s a bluff. Noah shocks Mohinder and they bag him up.

In Memphis Sylar is alive and looking for his father. He thinks he has found him but he is told that although this man raised him before running, he is not his father. They would be his brother. Sylar goes to visit the man who supposedly is his father and is attacked by the masked men. He fights them off and tortures one to get information from him.

In Toyko Hiro has bought an old firestation to use as a lair for Ando, but Ando thinks his ability is worthless. He refuses to be a part of this and leaves on his “Ando-cycle” after Hiro implants a tracking device in him. Later Hiro apologises over the radio on the cycle but is then attacked and rounded up by the masked men. Ando races home and logs on to the tracking computer to find Hiro.

He and all the other Heroes are being led onto a plane as Nathan watches, they all have bags over their heads. Nathan is approached and handed Claire and told about Sylar. Nathan says they should have shot him in the back of the head but to get Claire to safety and the others out of here. Claire is driven off but she attacks the driver and sneaks aboard the plane. She hides and when she can starts reviving them all from their coma-induced states. Peter touches Mohinder’s hand and takes his power and starts fighting off the guards as Claire revives the rest. Peter falls and touches Tracey, he now has her ability but is not strong anymore. He gets thrown about and he touches a wall which freezes and breaks open. People start flying out and Peter holds on for his life. At the cockpit Claire starts to attack the pilots when she sees Noah is there! In the back Peter loses his grip, he is about to be sucked out when Mohinder grabs his hands…their grip weakens and Peter looks certain to die. To be continued…

I had read about this chapter in the Heroes story and was surprised that everything happened so quickly. The Heroes have all been rounded up and taken somewhere, Noah is working for Nathan and the Heroes look like they’re going to escape. All in one episode. It was good, paced well and will be interesting to see how the rest of the season shapes up. Is Sylar finally going to have to step into the good guy’s shoes and rescue people?

Y2Rating: 8/10

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