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Episode 312 – “Our Father”
Nathan goes to see his father and learns that Tracey has been with him all along, it doesn’t matter, he agrees with his Dad now and is going to help him and become the face of Pinehearst. Peter and the Haitian are with Angela who tells Peter he has to kill his father with the shot to the head. On a beach Sylar burns Elle’s body as he goes in search of people with abilities again, the first on his list is a woman who can tell when people lie.

Hiro and Claire are back in time and Hiro learns his mother is a healer, but she’s also on her deathbed. They learn that the catalyst is inside Hiros mother and she wants to pass it to Hiro but Hiros father wants to pass it to Claire. Claire goes off to protect herself as a baby and engages in a chat with her mother. Noah comes home and realises Claire has been lying about who she is so threatens her until she says enough to make Noah realise who she is. Claire asks Noah not to answer the phone and not to let her be the catalyst.

Hiro and his mother share a moment and she gives him his memories back, but it kills her. Hiro realises what is means to be a hero and goes to leave. Arthur is back in time and stops Hiro controling time and space, takes his powers and the catalyst from him before throwing him off the roof. He sends Claire back to the future with a message for Angela, Arthurs won. But Hiro is still alive, hanging on for his life on a flag pole.

Matt, Ando and Daphne find the bike messenger with Issacs sketchbook and learn that Hiro becomes stuck in time. They conclude that with Arthur now the catalyst and able to perfect the formula they could create another time traveller to go back and save Hiro. Ando thinks he can be that hero, but they don’t know where to start!

Back at Pinehearst and Arthur lends the catalyst to the formula and they test it on a marine, they want to develop a herd of super soldiers! Mohinder injects the marine who gets super power. Arthur gets distracted and leaves them to it only to walk into the Haitian and Peter. Peter can’t pull the trigger and the Haitian can’t hold back Arthurs powers. Arthur strikes, Peter fires and then time stops. Sylar has arrived. He asks Arthur if he is his father and he lies. Sylar says Peter isn’t a killer, but he is and he unfreezes time and lets the bullet hit and kill Arthur. Sylar leaves as Peter has nothing he wants.

I don’t know where to stand with this episode, it was incredibly emotional, especially for me with my mummy issues, but I’m sure even the most stone hearted would shed a tear at Hiro and his mother’s scene. Then there is the super soldiers that Pinehearst are developing which just seems very Captain America. Arthur dead? I dont think so, but he has been shot in the head. Again I suppose someone can go back in time and intervene, but of all the characters to die, why kill off one of the greatest bad guys? Just seems a bit strange. Overall pretty solid, we’re about to enter the second arc of this storyline, lets see where it takes us.

Y2Rating: 7/10

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