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Episode 3 – Ink
Claire is being hounded by Gretchen to share her secret but Claire is trying her best to avoid her. When Noah comes to bring Claire a moving in gift he meets Gretchen and invites her out to lunch where she makes it clear that she knows about Claire’s ability. Noah considers calling in the Haitian but Claire tells him she will handle it on her own.

Back at campus and Claire tells Gretchen she wants to trust her and so shares the secret, even demonstrating it to her. Noah calls and apologises and he and Claire are back as loving father daughter. Claire offers Gretchen the bed of her recently deceased room-mate.

Peter is being sued by someone who he saved in a bus crash. When Peter goes to meet him at the hospital he doesn’t recognise him from the bus at all and believes it is a scam to get money from the Petrelli’s. The man is the Carnival ring leader Samuel Sullivan who is actually out scouting Peter for his eligibility to join their circle.

At the hospital Peter meets a receptionist who he thinks is being rude but actually she is deaf. She starts to see colours whenever she hears sounds, like the coffee mug as it smashes to the ground. The nurse says she may have synaesthesia but she refuses to believe it. Back at Peters apartment Samuel has broken in and uses his ink ability to add himself to the newspaper cut out of the bus crash. When Peter returns he spots it and then goes to find Samuel to apologise.

Samuel drops the lawsuit and tells Peter he is the man he always thought he would be and leaves, Peter suggests that he visit his family home after the loss of Samuel’s brother. Samuel goes but the lady of the house refuses to let him in. Later Peter is called to the scene of an emergency, the house has been engulfed by a sink-hole. Peter then gets a pain in his wrist, a compass has appeared tattooed onto his arm.

Parkman and his boss get a warrant to search the house of a suspected drug dealer. Sylar wants Parkman to use his ability to solve the case sooner but he refuses. Sylar starts giving Matt clues as to the whereabouts of the suspect and together they find him. Matt then continues to search the house but Sylar has to point him in the right direction. Matt finds a toy bunny and then a ransom note. Eventually he uses his power on the suspect and finds a dead girls body under the stairs. Matt beats up the suspect only to be stopped by his boss.

Matt tells his boss what’s happened and that there is a body under the stairs but when he checks there is nothing there. It was all a hoax by Sylar using Matt’s ability against him! Matt is told he better have a damn good lawyer as he is going to be dragged over the coals on this but Matt caves and uses his ability to make it look like he is the hero.

Pretty good episode this week, I’m really liking the Matt and Sylar thing they’ve got going on, it’s working well and I hope they can make it work longer throughout the season. Still keen to know what’s going on with the whole Samuel part of the story and now this deaf colour hearer…interesting, but what good would it do really?

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