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Whilst other shows may be floundering, Heroes picked up the pace again this week and amazingly, stayed in one place too! We didn’t jump to the future, we didn’t go to the past, we were in the present and we learnt some huge facts.

Both of Claire’s mothers are upset with her for lying and running off to do good. They wonder where she could have got to and worry she’s gone to see a man who can create vortexes and send objects to the beyond. Meredith goes in search of her daughter only to wind up in a spot of bother with a villain who can seemingly control your every move.

Noah and Sylar are on another mission together, they are off to see Stephen Canfield, the guy who creates vortices, although Claire has got there first. Stephen gives a sob story to Claire on how all he wants is to see his family again, he killed a man in error when he couldn’t control his powers and Claire believes him. Noah and Sylar turn up onto to anger Stephen who creates a vortex which threatens to suck them all into the void. Claire is saved by Sylar and Noah, whilst thankful, hates him so much.

When Noah lies to Claire in order to track down Stephen, she finally sees the monster in her Dad. Stephens family never showed up so he is depressed, Noah holds a gun to his head and tells him that if he sends Sylar into a portal everything will be over and he’ll let him go. Stephen refuses and Claire tries to get her Dad to stop. The pressure is on, Noah threatens harder which sees Stephen open a portal and send himself into it. Claire can no longer trust her father.

Hiro and Ando have unearthed Adam Monroe, looking a bit fatter than before, which is strange considering he was buried alive all those years, and not even got a beard or longer hair…still. Adam agrees to help find the villain who has the formula but during a bar-room scuffle Hiro gets punched out and Adam escapes only to be bundled into the back of a van by Knox who then, with Daphne, confronts Hiro and Ando. Knox gives them a choice, Hiro can join them and meet the villain if he kills Ando, which he does! Surprisingly quickly.

Nathan and Tracey confront Angela Petrelli about the powers they’ve been given, Angela apologies to Tracey and said they were young and didn’t know better but now they must find that formula in order to stop this happening again. Nathan is furious and it doesn’t help that he too was injected with his power when he was a baby. Angela then gets a glimpse of the future, Nathan and Tracey are both lying dead in the hallway, Peter staggers in, blood on his hands, Angela asks her son if he killed them only for Peter to fall down with a pipe in the back of his head. Angela wakes and looks long and hard at a file in front of her.

With Hiro on board, Daphne is on a mission to recruit other heroes to the cause, she too is seeing Linderman and he is telling her what to do. She realises that he isn’t real but still plans on doing his bidding. It is then revealed that the visions of Linderman are being planted into Daphne and Nathans head by Maury Parkman who is working for the chap who was in Angela’s file. One Papa Petrelli!!

Quite a rollercoaster of an episode this week and one that certainly got me excited again. It raises yet more questions, with Ando dead, does that mean the future is changed again? Is Ando really dead? We know what this show is like for bringing people back from the dead, why didn’t Hiro just stop time and bring in a fake Ando to kill or dress him in something to make it look like he died? Perhaps Hiro only stabbed him in a place that wouldn’t hit any organs, afterall he is the Great Takezo Kensei. How is Papa Petrelli still alive and what is his power? How will Peter and Nathan feel knowing their Dad is alive? Angela has had a couple of visions now with her family being destroyed, will any of these actually come true?

Your thoughts?

Y2Rating: 8/10

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