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It’s that time of year again, Autumn, or “Fall” as my American friends would say. We’ve had the “summer blockbusters” at the cinema and are itching (in the case of The Dark Knight) for the DVD releases this winter, but Fall/Autumn is the time of the home entertainment. Not only is the game market flooded with games, possibly a little too early to wait for Christmas, the likes of Fifa 09, Pro Evo 09, NBA 09, Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Brothers In Arms Hells Highway, Saint’s Row 2, Fracture, Lego Batman, Fable II and so many more, but it’s also the time of year when our beloved TV shows start to air again. (Well, all but one thanks to Lost hanging on for a “Spring” release).

Some of the TV shows that have either returned this week or are returning next week include, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Two & A Half Men, American Dad, Family Guy and Heroes! It’s Heroes that has me the most excited. So the second season of this show was a bit of a flop, coming off a huge and award winning first season, there were high expectations on the second and it just didn’t deliver. It wasn’t helped by the writers strike which cut the season short, but the flaws cannot be blamed on that alone. The question remains that after such a poor second outing, why is there so much hype about the third season? Are we building up only to let ourselves down again?

No, I disagree. From what I’ve heard about the season premier and the latest comments coming out of the States we have every reason to be wetting ourselves with anticipation over the third season. Ok, considering the fact that the damn American’s have already had the pleasure of seeing it and us Brits get the shaft once again as we wait until October before it’s delivered, some people have already had the satisfaction of viewing so I can’t really claim that we need to be excited…but we shall be.

You can fully expect a complete Fall Season run down of all the season premiers and episode reports…maybe…right here, at!

Talking of anticipation, I’m getting closing to flipping another number. This year I’ve asked for support from my family and friends to help feed my addiction. That’s not usually a good thing but the way I see it is at the moment I’m craving and on the cusp of doing something radical and stupid. If I can get the support from my family and friends to help feed my habit, then the risk of me doing something myself is greatly reduced. I’m talking of course of Blu-Ray. I’m so itching for a BD Player and I’ve got my eye on one. I don’t expect anyone to buy it for me for my birthday (but if any of you lovely readers want to, feel free) which is why I’ve asked for support, instead of presents or vouchers, how about a cash donation which in turn I’ll use to put towards the player and finally I can live in the now with the High Definition in front of me. More on that when it happens. Needless to say I’m on a DVD embargo until I get HD! I don’t plan on upgrading my current collection (which stands at 711 strong) apart from a few titles (Spider-Man for example), so it seems silly to purchase titles on regular definition when HD is only a stonesthrow away…

Well my time is drawing near for today. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow (or at least by the end of the week) with my take on all the latest Hollywood developments. Until then…stay classy!

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