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The Walking Dead comic series ended surprisingly in July last year. The Walking Dead TV series has very nearly caught up to that last issue, with only the story arc of the Commonwealth to go. Considering the TV series no longer has any of the big-name characters left who are vital to this particular storyline – Rick, Carl, Michonne – we can expect to see a new spin on it.

How though will that story end if it doesn’t have a Rick and it doesn’t have a Carl? We do have a Judith who could fill a slot, but are we expected to have Daryl become this new brave man, or Negan, or Carol? When you look at it, it is probably more fitting to have the Rick Grimes movies actually end the series, at least then you can have Rick Grimes, the actual character the comics and the TV series are centered around.

In an article over at WeGotThisCovered, there is further speculation that The Walking Dead will end after season twelve and honestly, that is probably about time. We have seen in the past how poorly the writers cope when trying to write original stories for these characters so eating up the last four volumes of the comics into two seasons works out about right.

This only relates to The Walking Dead, zombies will still live on in Fear The Waking Dead and A New World – at least for now.

Archived: Is The End In Sight for The Walking Dead? - archived
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