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Poor ol’ Mel Gibson, after the crazy rant was released to the internet the other day featuring the line

You look like a fucking bitch on heat. And if you get raped by a pack of n******s it’ll be your fault, all right?


But he’s only gone and done it again. There is another audio file been released to the world, below is the transcript.

Mel: What the fuck do you hope you’ll accomplish with that? What are you hoping you’ll accomplish with that? What are you gonna pay me back?If you do that, it’s over. (heaving panting.) It’s over now. Fuck you. How dare you act like such a bitch when I’ve been so fucking nice.

Oksana: I did not blame you.

Mel: You said I was mean. You were fucking annoyed at me. For what reason? I did nothing but be nice to you.

Oksana: What?

Mel: I’ve done nothing but be nice to you.

Oksana: I didn’t blame you last night.

Mel: (word unclear) little bitch this morning for.

Oskana: I wasn’t doing anything.

Mel: What did I do? And you said, ‘Oh, also earlier today, you — oh never mind.’ What the fuck were you going to say?’

Oksana: I was going to say about last night, that’s all.

Mel: Why because I let you sleep? That’s my fucking mistake. I should have woke you up and said, fucking blow me, bitch. I shouldhave fucking woken you up and said, ‘blow me.’ You would have liked that better, yeah? You (word unclear) the goddamn sleep.

Oksana: We were supposed to go to jacuzzi and you said you have to wait for something.

Mel: Well, why did you have to wait?

Oksana: You said.

Mel: Why didn’t you go to the goddamn Jacuzzi?

Oksana: I’m afraid, it’s dark outside.

Mel: Fuck it.

Oksana: I just waited for you. I waited and waited until I fell asleep and then–

Mel: Waited and waited, like two and a half fucking minutes! You’re fucking snoring. Don’t you dare (word unclear). You’re blaming me right now! Now I’m blaming you! You went to sleep and didn’t blow me! I deserve to be blown first before the fucking Jacuzzi!. Word unclear. How dare you! How fucking dare you! (Heavy panting then a scream.) You wanted the number of my therapist? Don’t you ever speak to him? Don’t you ever speak to him! Find your own goddamn therapist.

Oksana: You need medication.

Mel: Because you got problems more than me.

Oksana: You need medication.

Mel: You know how to push my buttons. And it’s not going to work with us. It’s not! I can’t get like this anymore. And you know you’re doing it. And you’re a liar, and you’re dishonest, and you’re fucked up. So you stay the fuck away from me. Take care of your fucking son, and I better have my daughter. I just want my daughter and a maid. It’s a lost less fucking trouble. They clean up after themselves. They make their goddamn bed, which you did not. You don’t have to worry about emotional blackmail or any of the other bullshit that you put me through. I just need a nice woman to look after my beautiful. And I don’t have to fuck her or anything. You’re a pain the ass. YOU’RE A PAIN IN MY ASS. Stop being that. You’re a pain in my ass. Nothing but…

What does Mel think he’s doing? Is he going through some sort of post-mid-life crisis? He’s only just got over the bloomin’ Jewish tirade that surfaced after The Passion of the Christ. I won’t be able to watch Lethal Weapon the same again!

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