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The most anticipated start to a serial drama launched on Tuesday February 2nd when Lost returned to our screens.

We started off with some “previously on Lost” footage and the people at the Swan construction site, Juliet being pulled down into the shaft and finding herself next to the core of the Jughead nuclear bomb. She smashes away at it with a nearby rock eight times until BOOM. Fade to white.
What happened next contains

major spoilers

that I don’t think you’re ready for (if you’re one of the UK readers waiting until tomorrow).

All is white and we pan backwards, Jack is on a plane looking out the window at cloud. Cindy asks him how his drink is, she says that wasn’t a very strong reaction to which Jack replies “it’s not a very strong drink”. She hands him some vodka. He pours it into his glass when the plane hits some turbulence.

Sound familiar? Well it’s not. The turbulence ends, the plane is still in the air. Rose tells Jack he can let go of the arm rests, it’s over. Bernard returns from the bathroom and Jack gets up to use the restroom. He meets the Marshal who says there is someone inside. Kate falls out of the room and into Jack who then goes into the bathroom. When looking in the mirror he notices he is bleeding from a cut on his neck. He returns to his seat where he meets Desmond. They look at each other and Jack thinks he recognises him.

A doctor is required, Jack gets up to help. There is a man in the bathroom who hasn’t responded. Sayid kicks the door down and inside is Charlie, unconscious and not breathing. Jack needs something sharp but due to safety regulations there is nothing sharp on board. Jack tries to find his pen but it has gone missing. He eventually manages to pull out a bag of heroin that was blocking Charlie’s windpipe. Charlie is alive but not happy. He tells Jack he was supposed to die.

Elsewhere on the plane Hurley is being pestered by Doctor Artz to do his Austraillian accent. He asks how he became the owners of Mr. Clucks chicken chain, Hurley says he won the lottery, he liked chicken so bought it. Sawyer overhears and tells Hugo he should be careful who he tells that he’s a lottery winner, a lot of people would use that against him. Hurley says he is the luckiest man alive, nothing will go wrong.

Locke is reading the safety instructions and Boone tells him that if the plane hits the water, they’re going to die. Locke says that with the right pilot they could survive a water landing. They get chatting, Locke tells Boone he’s been on a walkabout, hunting and living in the wild. Boone tells him he was in Australia to save his sister from an abusive relationship, only she didn’t want saving. Boone says that if the plane does crash, he’s sticking with Locke.

Sun is watching Rose and Bernard who are very much in love, Jin tells her to button up her shirt as he admires the watch he is donating as a business gift.

Jack returns to his seat but Desmond has vanished. Jack asks Rose if she saw him or where he went, she says both her and Bernard were asleep. Jack sits and we pan back out the window and down into the ocean, deep below the water level we find a drowned island, we see the barracks, some jungle and the remains of the four toed statue.

The plane lands in LA, Jin and Sun are questioned by customs, the language barrier providing tricky. Jin has thousands of dollars in his bag and is taken away, Sun is asked if she speaks English, she says no. Kate needs to use the bathroom, when in there she uses the pen she lifted from Jack to try to pry open the handcuffs. The Marshal notices a part of the pen on the floor and tries to force his way into the stall. Kate attacks him, hits his head and leaves him unconscious in the bathroom, taking his jacket. Some women enter and she says he attacked her as she runs.

In the elevator Sawyer spots the handcuffs, some airport security get a call over their radios but when the doors open, Sawyer lets ladies through first giving Kate a chance to escape.

She makes her way to the taxi rank where she is stopped by Frogurt who tells her there’s a line for the cabs. She spots the Marshal so jumps into a taxi and holds the driver at gunpoint to drive. In the cab is Claire.

Jack is paged to the courtesy desk where he is told his father’s coffin wasn’t on the plane and they don’t know where it is. Locke has also lost his box of knives, he tells Jack that Oceanic didn’t lose his father, just his body. This cheers Jack up a little and asks what happened to Locke, he says it is irreversible. Jack says nothing is irreversible and offers him a free consultation.

Kate opens her eyes. She is on the island and in a tree. She appears to have lost her hearing but once she’s down on the ground she calls out and it returns. Miles appears and they find the exploded remains of the hatch after Desmond turned the failsafe key. We appear to be back in 2007. Jack wakes up but is kicked into the hatch hole by Sawyer who screams at him that he killed Juliet. They then hear some cries, Juliet is alive under the rubble.

They start removing the iron mess as Sayid bleeds to death with Hurley. There is a noise and Hurley goes to investigate to be met by Jacob. He tells Hurley to save Sayid he has to be taken to the temple, with the guitar case that Jacob gave him in LA. Hurley wants to know how he got to the island, how he’s talking to Hurley, Jacob says it’s because he died a few hours ago.

Using the van the team clear a steel girder and Sawyer drops into the hole left and finds Juliet. She is dying. They kiss and Juliet says it didn’t work, that she hit the bomb but it didn’t work. She wanted Sawyer to go home and be happy. He tells her that they’ll have to find a way off the island together. She tells him that she needs to tell him something really important, but dies before she can.

Hurley, Sayid, Jin, Jack and Kate head to the temple whilst Sawyer and Miles stay to bury Juliet. Once done, Sawyer asks Miles to find out what she wanted to tell him, Miles is apprehensive , says it doesn’t happen like that, but does it anyway. He says Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer it worked. Sawyer walks away.

At the temple walls the group enter and find the body with the ripped arm of one of the French team. They head deep into the temple and Kate goes missing, followed by Jack. They are attacked by The Others and taken to the temple. There they are asked who they are and what they’re doing here, the Others seem to be led by Dogen, a Japanese man. He orders them to be shot until Hurley blurts out Jacob sent them and the guitar. Dogen opens the case to reveal an Ankh, he spilts it open and reads the note.

He leads them into the temple, the waters are murky and he says that saving Sayid may have consequences. They put him in the water, he starts to kick and thrash around but is held under the water as a sand-clock ticks down. Sayid becomes motionless and soon is lifted out of the water. Jack tries to revive him but he is dead.
Dogen then asks to speak to Hurley, he learns that Jacob has died so they instantly panic and fortify the temple, not to keep them in, but to keep him out.

Him would be the imposter John Locke. After Ben killed Jacob, John asks him to fetch Richard, but when Ben steps back onto the beach Illana’s crew force themselves into the temple. Richard shows Ben the real John Locke’s dead body and he can’t believe it. Inside the team see Locke who tells them Jacob is dead and thus they don’t need to protect him anymore. They open fire, Ben cowers behind some pots but Locke vanishes only to return as the smoke monster. The monster kills the crew, Bram tries to protect himself by circling ash around him but the monster hits the wall behind him which collapses onto him.
Locke returns and apologises that Ben had to see him that way. He says that whilst John Locke wanted to stay on the island more than anyone else from flight 815, the monster wants the ironic opposite, to go home.

Locke leaves and walks right up to Richard, he says it’s good to see him out of the chains and attacks him, leaving him unconscious. Locke picks him up and tells the others around him that he is very disappointed in them before walking off into the jungle.

Back at the temple and Dogen now wants to speak to Jack but as he does, Sayid wakes up.

Wow. What an episode, leaving us with plenty more questions. Firstly then, how can they be in two places at once? 815 lands but this would appear to be in a parallel timeline, for instance Jack seems to have a recollection of Desmond and of the plane crash when the turbulence hits but passes it off. Why was Desmond on the plane? Where was Walt, Michael, Shannon, Nikki, Paulo etc? Shannon was left behind in Australia so this ISN’T the correct timeline, not the one we started with.

Sayid comes back to life – I think we can all assume this is the rebirth of Jacob, right? But why was it imperative that Sayid not die yet it was fine for Juliet? Why did they kill Juliet?! Why did Kate wake up in a tree? Where did Christian go? Why was the island sunk under water? (Atlantis) And why was the CGI so bad?

What did happen after the bomb went off if indeed it did and “it worked”, I think there was just another time flash personally, I mean there is no way they would have been blasted and survived. The way the island was when they arrived would have covered for how they left the Swan in 1977, with a war head that was later cemented in concrete.

I’m a little worried that there is too much information going on at the moment that they need to cram into the last season, but we shall see how it plays out.

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