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Once again I’m not going to go into an episode review for you but merely saw WOW. Now there are only what? Four? Five episodes left? Last night was ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’, in the flash-sideways Hurley is a rich and lucky guy, getting everything he wants. Then Libby shows up with memories of him from the island. At first he thinks she is crazy but then he kisses her and his memories return.

The man who told him to chase this dream? Desmond! Speaking of whom, on the island the MiB/Locke shoves him down a well! What the hell? It’s THE well, at the bottom is the frozen donkey wheel, is Desmond going to turn it?

We also saw an appearance from Michael who admitted to Hurley that the whispers in the jungle were souls who couldn’t pass on, who’d been trapped on the island for what they did. Off island and who is it running over John Locke? Desmond! Did he fall down the well and slip into his other life consciousness?

At the end of the last episode we saw Des ask George for the manifest of flight 815, he then helped Hurley realise his true life and running over Locke may have something to do with helping Locke find the island, maybe through Jack as he is mended at the hospital.

Illana blows up when she mishandles the dynamite, that was unexpected. “The island was done with her”, “makes you wonder what’s going to happen when the island is done with us.”

Hurley, Jack, Sun and Frank end up going to Locke/MiB, what will this mean? Probably that we’ll get a Locke or Jack flashsideways next.

What have we learnt so far then? The island is like a cork, containing the evil smoke monster from the rest of the world. It has the souls of people who have wronged that can appear as ghosts and can flash through time. The survivors of flight 815 are candidates to take over responsibility of protecting he island from the MiB but he is trying to manipulate them so he can leave and presumably reign on Earth.

But the candidates appear to be experiencing a dual life, a what-if-the-plane-never-crashed sort of life but experience memories of the island with one such person, Desmond, able to live in a variety of different dimensions or existences.

All I know is they’ve only a few hours left to wrap this up! Exciting times.

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