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I realise I’ve not talked about Lost much since the season premier and that’s due to a number of factors but mainly because I’ve been so blown away with this season.
Due to each episode bringing us an hour closer to the end of the series, each hour has been jam packed with stuff that’s set to blow our minds. This weeks episode was no different. Who am I kidding? It was totally different!

As has been the norm for previous episodes that have centered around Desmond, the episodes have been incredible, The Constant still being one of my all time favourites. Happily Ever After seems to be the episode that brings the two new timelines into one. We see some familiar faces return including Eloise Hawking/Widmore, Charlie Pace and Daniel Farraday/Widmore!

Daniel approaches Desmond and says that he saw a red head with beautiful eyes and he fell in love (we can assume this is Charlotte), that night he woke up and wrote down some advanced quantum mechanics. He suggests that perhaps they have another life, one that they’re supposed to be living and that it could take a catastrophic event, like setting off a nuclear bomb, to deviate them from their destined paths. Daniel assumes that he thinks he has already set off that bomb.

So from this episode we can ascertain how the two timelines are connected, the bomb exploding did work, but they appear to be living two lives in two different dimensions of sorts. Desmond can filter between the two (or more) worlds as the rules do not apply to him.

What all this has to do with Dharma, Widmore, how Eloise knows so much and the black smoke, I’m still not sure and I don’t think we ever will. We’ll be given conclusions to certain stories but probably not what they mean in relation to one another.

But all I want is another Desmond episode. They’re the best brother.

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