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While speaking at a Seattle music and arts festival, Lost exec-producers Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz dropped several morsels of goodness for fans. First off, they reiterated that we shouldn’t expect every single mystery to be solved come the series finale at the end of season six. (And honestly, at this point, how could we expect them to?) Also of note was a dose of reality announced by Mr. Cuse regarding the future of the franchise—while season six is the end of the series as far as they know, Disney will probably do something with the Lost franchise down the line.

If you don’t think that last bit is truly newsworthy, I’m with you. Lost is a ginormous success for Disney, and we can’t seriously expect them to stop milking this cash cow. If anything, Lost: Via Domus is all the proof we need to see that Disney is willing to push the franchise as much as they can, regardless of quality. There’s some value in considering what else could be done with the franchise, but I can’t think of anything I want for the series right now except for a fitting end.

As for the news that not all will be revealed, I believe this is something Cuse and Lindelof have been hinting at for some time now (they may have even said the same thing at Comic-Con). Logistically, Lost has raised many questions by this point, and there just may not be a way to resolve everything without breaking the narrative and spoon feeding answers to the audience for several episodes. Of course, this could just be an easy way to escape from many early setups that probably have no logical resolution at this point in the series.

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