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Did you watch? Are you slightly more upset it wasn’t a time flash? That means then that Desmond never forgot to enter the numbers…if Desmond even found the island at all.

Does it also mean that Ben/Charles are still at war? Alex would be alive right? As would CHARLIE! YAY! But Charlie and Claire won’t be together, boo.

From that clip it seemed Jack knew what had happened, but Rose and Cindy had no clue. How is it only he seemed aware. Was it because he was in the 70s at the time? No, because so were Rose and Bernard. Strange. I think it’ll still crash. Or something will happened to put them right back where they were, probably something Locke will do.

Also, does that just negate the ending of Locke/that other chap who took on Locke’s form, from killing Jacob? Curious. So many questions.

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