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The television series Lost has come to a conclusion, sparking much debate among the fan communities. The debate isn’t really focused on the answers (or for some, lack of answers) but more so over what they thought (or disliked) about the final season and series as a whole. Actually, the storyline conclusion of Lost was pretty much spelled out for audiences (complete with an onscreen speech), completely explained. My biggest pet peeve about the final episode is that it doesn’t leave much room for theories or interpretations. However, actor Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard in the show, has an interpretation of the final episode, the flash-sideways, and the whole series. Read it now, after the jump.

Matthew Fox explained his theory to Newsweek at the Emmys:

“There are certain religious beliefs, spiritual ideas, that when you die, you have to remember your own death in the momentin the moment of your death, you have to remember all the people that brought you to that, all the people that were most important to you, bringing you to that moment. And essentially that’s what the entire Sideways was, I believe, in the sixth season. The moment that Jack was dying he was being reunited with all the people that had brought him to his death so he could move on to whatever was next. I thought it was pretty beautiful. Very spiritual. I’m not necessarily a religious person.”

So according to Fox, the flash-sideways are not purgatory, but instead a creation of his own mind during death. What do you think?

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