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Original Air Date: 15 August 2008

I admit that my job comes with certain, perks. For example, as well as being incredibly busy and rushed off my feet with work, I can also go for periods of extended time where I basically do bugger all. This has been one of those weeks.

I also have one of the best seats in the office. We’re set out in rows of six reoccuring right down the office. I’m on one of the last rows, in the corner, back to the wall. No one can see my screen. So in times of boredom I find myself frequenting the internet, browsing various websites, but this week I find I’m revisiting Empire Online more and more. Why? I’m addicted.

Not only do the Daily Quizes and latest news stories keep my mind active for a while, I’ve recently discovered that the “How Well Do You Know” quizes are no longer blocked by our WebSense. I have then taken it upon myself to try these quizes out and whilst I’m pretty terrible at most of them – a shame that I will forever have hanging over my head as I call myself a movie buff, and with over 700 DVDs in my collection most people tend to believe me – I’ve found that one of two of them I’m actually not that bad at. In fact I did find myself top of the Zoolander quiz leader board, until my colleague wiped my score out of the water, and I’m currently trying to get onto the Ghostbusters board and failing.

When I get bored of the quizes I open the XLS file which I’ve recently exported from my DVD Profiler and start to add them to the MyDVD Collection. My only complaint is that this is an arduos process that could be streamlined so easily. Empire, if you’re listening, sort it out! I’m keen to find out what my Empire rating is on my collection, after only adding the A’s so far I’ve an average rating of four stars. Which is good news considering I’ve a couple of 1 star rated movies in there…Aeon Flux!

Finally I enjoy visiting this website because I can write about things in my blog. This blog. Admittidly I’ve only two posts so far but that will change, I’m new to this site (don’t look at when I registered). I have no idea how other people read this blog, so I could be sitting here talking to myself, but then, isn’t that the only way to get a decent conversation in this day and age?

Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics. I’m boycotting it for obvious reasons.

Until next time.

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