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If it wasn’t already expected, Nikki Finke is reporting that The Dark Knight has broken the record for the most Blu-rays sold in just one day of release.

The Dark Knight sold over 600,000 copies on Tuesday alone, while the previous record holder, Paramount’s Iron Man, sold 400,000 Blu-ray copies in one week.

And guess how many copies the film sold on old school DVD? Would you believe 3 million? 7 million copies are expect to be sold by weeks end, making it the best selling release of the year. If I were to guestimate, I would say that the release will have made over $175-$200 million by weeks end.

It took Shrek over four weeks to sell 5.5 million copies on DVD in 2001. The bestselling DVD of last year was Transformers, selling 13.74 million units over the span of two and a half months. Pixar’s Finding Nemo remains the best selling DVD of all time with over 60 million units sold as of last year.


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