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Just thought I’d come and share my first experience of The Screening Rooms with you all.

Disappointing would be the word to sum it up.

Yes it’s a lovely place and the staff are friendly and courteous but sitting in the theatre felt alone and alienated.

Firstly if someone books two tickets it’s more than likely they’d like to sit together, so instead of seating them in seats 2 & 3 which are nearly two foot apart from each other, why not sit them in 1 & 2 which are closer (albeit not very).

The seats themselves were not very comfortable and felt almost as hard as the wooden floor which was another mistake as staff moving during the film and customers in high heels getting up to use the facilities just distracts. Also anything dropped on the wood just creates such an echo.

The alcohol being plied into some of the women in the theatre too was probably not a wise move. Not only did they end up spilling it but their whispers between themselves became cackles and shouting by the end of the film. This probably had something to do with sitting a million miles away from each other too.

Admittedly it’s not been open a week so creases need ironing out, but we were eager to try the Nachos only to be told they were out of cheese so Nachos were off. The other two vegetarian options were unappealing. Cheese is not a good you have to ship in, especially when there is a Tesco nearby and even Cheltenhams own Cheeseworks just down the road.

Rather a disappointing evening which I had hoped to be a nice treat for the better half, but we both came away feeling like we’d been watching a film in someone else’s house and not seen each other for the distance between the uncomfortable seats. We felt an over 18s screening at Cineworld or Vue would have been much better at half the cost.

Apologies for being blunt but we had such high hopes that ended shattered.

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