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Now isn’t football ridiculous sometimes? Lets forgo the sissy boy attitude when they fall over and bypass the millions of pounds they are played to touch a ball for a few minutes out of ninety a week and go right to the heart of the matter. Sometimes football is fucking stupid.

Lets take Tottenham as an example. They signed a manager from overseas who damn near destroyed them. The start of the season they couldn’t win if the other team didn’t show. They sold a lot of their players like Defoe, Chimbonda and Robbie Keane. Then they sack their manager and bring in Harry Redknapp who decides he wants his players back. He secures a dodgy deal to bring Defoe in from his former club, Chimbonda returns after a few weeks at Sunderland and then he re-signs Robbie Keane from Liverpool. Now this has to be a first right? Selling and re-buying your own players in the space of six months for more than what you sold them for? Someone will be in the red in this economic climate!

Now the most hilarious thing about the entire situation is Robbie Keane and two quotes he has given on his switches this season.

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