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Not a huge deal to talk about today but I’m so sick to the back teeth bored I decided I’d post something rather than see how far I can shove a biro down my ear canal before I doodle on my brain. It’s cold in the office today, Winter’s coming. Time to crack out the jumpers and cardigans, luckily back in March I bought an incredibly warm and cuddly cardigan for my trip on the canal boat so it’s going to come in handy this year.

Speaking of The Office I watched a couple more episodes of season three, I’m almost done with this season and it’s been good, I’ve been laughing. There are some parts when you wonder “why would a documentary crew be allowed to film this” but you can overlook that for the benefit of the humour. I really am looking forward to finding out how the rest of this is going to continue, I’m aware season four is shorter thanks to the writers strike, but is The Office just going to do arbitrary office situational humour or is there going to be any sort of storyline there to see all the episodes through to some sort of conclusion? Nevertheless I’m keen to find out.

I have no plans for the weekend, I may actually get some more work done on the Wheatus project. Whilst we’re on the Wheatus topic something strange has been happening over at and you’re led on a little quest to find out what’s going on. Ultimately it just says more information will be released this Sunday but I have to question some things. The whole premise looks at presumably a missing person on Halloween, a girl I believed. Considering the negative press Bungie received for including a “Maddie, where are you?” reference in their campaign for the Halo 3 add-on I have to wonder if anyone finds this a bit tasteless?

Wheatus will be touring the UK in two weeks, starting October 12th. I’m going to be going to a fair few of these shows and will be filming them and giving you the scoop as always.
Fifa 09 was released today, hopefully my copy has arrived and I’ll get a chance to play that tonight although there are plans afoot to go to the Evesham Mop with Kaye, Matt and Ida so my gaming could get scuppered. Regardless I intend to get a review up soon…whatever happened to my Star Wars review? I’ll have to get on that!

I’m working on a number of projects at the moment, one of those being, where you’ll soon be able to buy lots of Y2Neil and Wheatus merchandise. The other is a database project that I’m working on for Xbox News, Rumours & That one has come along pretty well so far, but now I’ve hit a brick wall where the tricky parts have actually stumped me. More on these as they develop.

Think that’s it for now. I plan on watching Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over the weekend so I’ll let you know my thoughts as ever. I’m looking forward to The Dark Knights release on December 8th because I’ve already ordered a copy on Blu-Ray! I don’t even have a Blu-Ray player yet but I’m that confident I’ll have one by December and when is selling the two discer for only £14.99 how can you say no?

Until next week…

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