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Earlier today we brought you some news from this morning’s pseudo-debut for “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” the upcoming Spider-Man musical directed by Julie Taymor.

Today’s event involved a special interview with Taymor and U2 bandmates Bono and The Edge (who created the film’s score) on “Good Morning America,” as well as the debut of two costume designs for villains Spider-Man will face in the production. Oh, and Peter Parker himself (musician/actor Reeve Carney) also performed the first song from the musical, “Boy Falls From The Sky.”

Thanks to the great power of the InterWebs, all of the fun stuff was captured in a variety of formats online — so enjoy it with great responsibility, okay?

First up are the costume designs for Green Goblin and the new villain created for the musical, Swiss Miss:

The image is posted over at U2 fansite @U2, nad offers an interesting peek at the look the characters will be sporting. If that’s what Green Goblin looks like, I can’t even begin to imagine what Carnage and the Sinister Six will look like in the musical!

There’s also a pair of videos posted by, including a brief interview with Carney before he performs, and the full interview with Taymor and the U2 guys that aired on “Good Morning America.”

Oh, and there’s also a nice video posted on YouTube featuring the “Boy Falls From The Sky” performance:

Preview performances of “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” begin November 14, with the show making its official debut in December.

Source: MTV

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