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Speaking to the Guardian newspaper about his new show ‘Family Tree’ (Tuesdays at 10pm on BBC2), writer, director and Nigel Tufnell look-a-like, Christopher Guest, hinted at a possible Spinal Tap reunion next year.

Having seen Tap play Wembley, I can honestly say that they are one of THE greatest bands to see live in the world. If a new tour is being planned for 2014, prepare to turn it up to eleven. I highly recommend everyone experience the awesomeness of Spinal Tap.

Here is the quote, you can read the full review (recommended) at the link below.

The Stones headlined Glastonbury last month but Spinal Tap beat them to it…

That’s true, we played the Pyramid Stage in 2009. It was a fantastic show. There were 130,000 people there or something. Since the film 30 years ago we’ve gone on tour, playing Wembley, the Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall… It’s weird but great. The fiction became real.

Any chance of a Tap reunion soon?

We get asked to do shows on a regular basis. But what I will say is that we’re in the midst of talking about something for next year…

Source: The Guardian

Archived: Spinal Tap 30 Year Anniversary Tour? - archived
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