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Episode 2 – 0-8-4

The team travel to Peru to investigate an artefact that may be out of this world and run into more than they bargained for when an old flame of Agent Coulson turns up to offer a helping hand.

Episode two continues the intensity and high action of the pilot with effects akin to the silver screen as we see explosions and aeroplanes. The dynamics between the team are fleshed out a little more, borrowing much from the Avengers to unite the team with a common threat.

Despite their obvious similarities, we are starting to see that there is more to the relationship of Fitz and Simmons. The danger is these two characters are almost blurred into one, enforced by the moniker of “Fitzsimmons”, however the seeds have been sewn when Simmons apologises for forcing Fitz into the field so early on. Could there be more to the adorable couple than has been shown?

That’s the theme that’s embedded throughout the episode, seeds are sewn and relationships explored and it seems Agent Coulson is a dark horse. If the show will explore this further and any cross over into Hydra or the Rising Tide remains to be seen.

With poor Skye has to try and find her place in the team, as a computer hacker, when there aren’t any computers to hack, what can she do? The episode ends with an insight into her real motives which could lead to future sparks.

The end is worth waiting the entire episode for. If the show doesn’t reference the Marvel Cinematic Universe enough, then this one scene gives it in spades. It remains to be seen if this sort of level can be maintained throughout the season but so far the show is off to a great start.

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