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Episode 103 – “Tabula Rasa”

Right off the bat, ‘tabula rasa’ is latin for ‘clean slate’, something that is mentioned a couple of times during this episode. This is the first episode to feature character centric flash-backs and we focus on Kate. With the US Marshall now speaking after his surgery he tells Jack to check his jacket pocket where there is a mug shot of Kate. Hurley also finds this but they pretend they don’t know anything.

Kate’s flash backs show her on the run in Australlia. She wakes up in a sheep pen and the farmer offers her a place to stay and a wage if she’ll help out around the farm. Kate agrees but after three months decides to leave in the middle of the night. The farmer, Ray, catches her and convinces her to stay one more night, taking her to the station the next day. Although on their way to the station Kate realises that Ray has turned her in for the $23,000 reward. Kate tries to escape but it caught by the marshall.

The marshall is dying and Jack refuses to kill him even though it is causing the rest of the survivors distress. Kate asks Jack to put him out of his misery but Jack says he isn’t a killer and that he saw Kate’s mug-shot. Later, Kate tries to explain to Jack what she did but he doesn’t want to hear it. He says “three days ago we all died”…spooky – are they all dead on the island?

Kate has a one on one session with the marshall who asks if Kate has come to kill him. Hurley asks why Jack has left Kate alone with him when she has a gun. Jack goes running but Kate has already left the tent so he relaxes. Then there is a gunshot as Sawyer leaves having done what “the doc” couldn’t. But Sawyer missed and popped a lung giving the marshall a long a slow death. Overcome with guilt, Sawyer goes into recluse mode.

Locke has fashioned a whistle out of wood and uses it to bring Vincent to him, he tells Micheal who reunites Walt with his dog as Locke looks on questionably. What does Locke want with Walt? Michael asks what Lockes secret was and Walt tells him that Locke said a miracle happened to him. Michael dismisses this saying a miracle happened to all of them.

Three episodes in and the mysteries we have are:

– Why are there polar bears on the island?
– Whose distress call has been playing for the past 16 years?
– How did all the previous survivors die?
– Where is the island?
– What is Locke’s deal?

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