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Episode 104 – “Walkabout”
In this episode we find out more about John Locke and the secret he has been hiding. After finding wild boar rummaging through the remains in the fuselage Jack decides that it is best if they destroyed the dead bodies inside by setting it alight. The others are a bit put off by this but agree it must be done and Claire heads a search to find as many names out as possible for a memorial service.

Hurley and Sawyer fight over the last of the peanuts and Locke shows everyone his big case of knives. He declares that he shall go hunt a boar and so he, Kate and Michael go out into the jungle on their hunt. Kate has an alterior motive as she plans on helping Sayid triangulate the power source of the distress call by planting an antenna atop a high tree.

During the hunt a boar knocks down Micheal so he and Kate head back as Locke moves on, determined to find the boar. When Kate climbs a tree the noise of the smoke monster jolts her and she drops the antenna, breaking it. Sayid is most unhappy but Kate gets him to try again.

In the middle of the wilderness Kate can see the monster approaching Locke, the smoke monster captures a boar and Locke is left standing face to face with the monster. We never see the smoke monster of course, we only assume it is the same one we come face to face with later in the season due to the noise it makes.

in the flashbacks we learn that John was a cripple but now he can walk, a miracle! The same miracle he was telling Walt about. We also learn that John is a very determined fellow who always tries to get what he wants, although he is a little disturbed. He calls himself a Colonel and has spent eight months and God-knows how much money talking to what I assumed to be a sex-chat line. He ruins everything when he tells “Helen” that he has two tickets to Australlia and wants her to go with him. When he reaches the “Walkabout” he is turned away because he never told them about his condition.

Jack also sees his father in the woods, again we don’t know its his dad but it should be noted that when Christian went into the jungle Jack bumped into Locke who Kate had told him moments ago “was dead”.

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