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Episode 105 – “White Rabbit”
This episode focus on Jack becoming the leader that his is destined to be for the group of survivors. We start out with him exhausted and trying to save someone drowning in the ocean, he fails but then sees a mysterious man wandering about. He chases him into the jungle. Back at the camp the survivors are low on water and Claire faints! The water has gone missing so Locke decides to go into the jungle in search of some more.

(Note: Charlie is the one who spots the person drowning and screaming for help. Charlie says he can’t swim. Refer to season three!)

As Jack is chasing the mystery man he stumbles and almost falls over a rock face. Just when things look bleak, Locke appears and pulls him back up. Locke tells Jack he has looked into the eye of this island and what he saw was beautiful. He tells Jack the man he is seeing may not be a hallucination and he needs to finish what he started.

In flashbacks we learn the mystery man is actually Jacks father who went to Australlia and died. Jack was attempting to bring his body back. Jack then sees his Dad again and follows him until he reaches a cave with running fresh water and some more wreckage. He finds the coffin, but his Dad isn’t in it!

Back at the camp and it was Boone who stole the water, he tried to look after it but everyone has taken it the wrong way. Jack returns and gives his famous “we must live together or we’re going to die alone” speech and the camp start making preperations to survive on the island.

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