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Episode 108 – “Confidence Man”
We learn a bit more about Sawyer and his shady past, what makes him the man he is today. Shannon has asthma and Boone believes that Sawyer had her inhaler refills because he is reading a book Boone took on the plane. Sayid also believes it was Sawyer who attacked him in the jungle after Locke says he could have lit a slow fuse to set off the bottle rocket using a cigarette. Everyone is out to get Sawyer.

In flashbacks we learn that Sawyer was a con man, he played people into giving him their money, making them feel it was all their idea in the first place. In this one particular con we see Sawyer fool the women and her husband but as the money is changing hands a little boy walks in and Sawyer suddenly drops the act and leaves. We learn that Sawyer carries with him a letter, one that reads “Dear Mr. Sawyer, you slept with my mummy which made my daddy kill her then himself”. It is revealed that it is not a letter to Sawyer, but one from him! His family were conned when he was young which is what he grew into.

Jack is desperate for the inhalers so tries to beat it out of Sawyer, when that fails Sayid lends a hand, reverting back to his days in Iraq as a torturer. After Sawyer caves he says he’ll only tell Kate, so she comes to see him. He convinces her to give him a kiss and they share a passionate embrace. He then tells her he never had the medicine which enrages Sayid who goes after him and in a scuffle stabs him in the arm.

Back at the caves Sun asks Michael to find her some leaves and she makes a herbal remedy for Shannon out of eucalyptus leaves. Charlie tries to convince Claire to move to the caves where it is safer and promises her a tub of peanutbutter if she’ll move. He can’t find one so the two imagine an empty jar is actually full of the stuff. Sayid, disgraced he did what he swore he’d never do again, decides to map the island and wanders off alone.

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