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Episode 109 – “Solitary”
Sayid has gone off wandering on his own, whilst sitting on the beach he spots something, a cable in the sand. He follows it into the jungle and spots a trip wire which he carefully avoids but then falls into a second trap and ends up being carted off unconcious. When he awakes he is being asked in many different languages “where is Alex?” and he is tied to a bed. When he begins to question the situation he is hit with an electric shock. We learn his torturer is the French woman whose signal Sayid heard, Danielle Rousseau.

In flashbacks we learn who the woman in the photograph that Sayid carries is, she is called Nadia, an old school friend of Sayid who became a traitor and thus has to be tortured. Over the next month Sayid and Nadia get closer until Sayid is ordered to kill her. He lets her escape but not until she has written him a little note that reads “You will find me in the next life, if not this one”.

Danielle says she hears other peoples whispers on the island and Sayid thinks she is insane. She tells him a bit about her past how her ship crashed and they ended up on the island. Her science crew all became sick and she had to kill them, she couldn’t let the infection spread if they were ever rescued. Sayid then fixes her music box before there is a rumble from above, Danielle takes her gun and goes out to explore. Sayid warns her to be careful of the monster and she says “there are no such things as monsters”. Sayid frees himself and takes the maps and a gun left in Danielles hut and then goes out after her. They come face to face in a Mexican stand off and Danielle tells Sayid he can’t leave her, she is so alone. Sayid offers her to come back to the beach with him but she walks away, only stopping to tell Sayid Alex is her child.

Meanwhile Hurley is given some suitcases that Locke and Ethan found in the jungle whilst hunting and inside contains something special. Hurley goes off whilst Jack has to deal with hypocondriacts at the camp. One has a nasty rash. Hurley then gets Jack and Michael to come to see him, he has built a golf course to ease tension with the survivors and it works, it even envolves Sawyer who gets involved.

As Sayid makes his way back to the camp, he hears whispers in the jungle!

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