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Episode 111 – “All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”
Claire and Charlie are missing and so Jack and Locke set about to find them. Locke can follow a trail but Jack is impatient with him and worries about his friends. Locke goes back and grabs some help for a search party in Kate and Boone, Michael forms his own and heads South. Locke, Boone and Kate catch up with Jack who has been going around in circles and then they discover two trails. Kate makes it known she can track and so her and Jack split off and follow one track whilst Boone and Locke follow another.

In flashbacks we learn more about Jacks relationship with his father and one incident that saw a woman enter the OR and Jack have to be called by a nurse because his father was intoxicated during the proceedure. Christian convinces his son to side with him in the report but when the womans husband presses charges and Jack finds out the woman was pregnant, he changes his story and his father could now lose his licence. Way to drive your papa to alcohol Jack.

Locke predicts the weather and it begins to rain, wiping away the trail. Jack is frustrated but then hears a scream in the jungle, Kate asks him where he is going and he asks if she heard the scream, she heard nothing. Jack climbs a sheer cliff face but falls. When he opens his eyes Ethan is there to kick some ass and he threatens that if Jack doesn’t stop following him Ethan is going to kill one of them.

Kate tends to Jack who tells her Ethan beat him up and she doesn’t believe him. Jack says “he’s not getting away with it, not this time” and continues to follow Ethan. When they make it to the top of the rocks Charlie is hanging from a tree. They cut him down and Jack pounds away at Charlie to get him to breathe, he won’t. Kate tells Jack to stop but he won’t and eventually Charlie begins to breathe. They all go back to camp where Shannon is worried about Boone.

Sawyer learns Sayid is back and goes for a chat, he learns about the French woman and the possible others on the island. Walt plays Hurley at backgammon and wins $20,000 that Hurley says he’ll get. Walt says his Dad thinks he is the luckiest kid on the planet, “not Michael, my other Dad Brian”.

Charlie says “all they wanted was Claire” and the others look scared. Boone and Locke are still in the jungle when Boone decides he is going to head back following the red shirt strips they left behind. He mentioned earlier that the red shirts would always die in Star Trek. Locke throws Boone the torch but he drops it on the ground and there is an echoing thud of metal on metal. The pair look underfoot and find a large steel door. They begin to dig to find out what it is.

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