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Episode 112 – “Whatever The Case May Be”
Whilst out picking fruit Kate suspects someone is following her and she’s right, it’s Sawyer. He says he is out there to protect her after what happened to Claire. Kate tells him to shhh as she hears something, they run off to find a glorious lagoon with waterfall. Sawyer jumps in and Kate soon joins him for a swim. After diving in they find some dead bodies trapped in plane seats at the bottom and a silver case. Kate wants the case, it’s hers.

Sawyer gets the case and because they can’t open it Kate lets him have it but tries to steal it back twice and fails. Sawyer says he’ll let her have the case if she tells him what is inside. She refuses and Sawyer continues to try to smash it open. Kate then asks Jack for help and he too wants to know what is inside, he agrees to help but only if he opens it with her. Jack gets the case from Sawyer, blackmailing him for meds for his arm. They open it to find guns, bullets and a small toy plane that Kate says belonged to the man she loved, then is honest and says it belonged to the man she killed.

In flashbacks we see Kate at a bank trying to open a loan when some robbers burst in. They try to get the manager to give them the save key but fail, someone else tries to be a hero and gets a gun off one of the robbers sliding it to Kate but she says she can’t use a gun. The ring leader then takes her into a back office where they laugh and kiss. They eventually get to the vault where the ring leader is about to shoot the bank manager but Kate stops it. The plot is revealed that Kate set the bank manager up, overcome with guilt she grabs a gun and shoots all the robbers, then gets the bank manager to open safe 815.

The tide is coming in, Sayid says “unnaturally fast” and the beach camp are forced to move up the beach somewhat. Sayid asks Shannon for help decoding the French on the maps he took from Danielle. After much nonsense Sayid gives up but later Shannon comes to him and tells him the words are from a song that played at the end of Finding Nemo, they still don’t make much sense.

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