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Episode 113 – “Hearts and Minds”
Boone is tested by Locke to give him an island experience. When out at the hatch Boone asks Locke if he can tell Shannon about what they’ve found. People at the camps are talking about what they are doing as they keep coming back empty handed. Hurley especially is suffering from the lack of boar in his diet and consults Jack about it.

Locke knocks Boone out and then ties him up. He gives him a knife and tells Boone he can cut himself free when he is ready to. Boone struggles and it isn’t until he hears Shannon crying for help in the jungle and the sounds of the smoke monster that he can strain to reach the knife and save himself and Shannon who has somehow ended up tied to a tree. The pair hide in the thicket until they think the monster has passed, they then leave again and Boone tells Shannon about the hatch. Then the smoke monster makes another appearance but this time takes Shannon. Boone finds her dead in a stream.

Back at camp Boone goes to attack Locke saying he killed his sister and she died in his arms, but Locke questions why he isn’t covered in blood and Boone begins to question his sanity. He puts two and two together and realises that John drugged him. Locke asks him how it felt when Shannon died and Boone says “relieved”.

In flashbacks Boone is called to Sydney by Shannon who has got herself caught up in another dangerous relationship. Boone gets to her only for Shannon to ask him to leave. She slyly shows him the bruise on her head and he goes to the police who are no help. We see Sawyer get pulled in by the cops, wonder what he was doing there! Boone goes to see Brian, Shannon’s abusive boyfriend and pays him $50,000 to dump Shannon. When Boone goes to pick her up the plot unravels and Shannon was conning Boone into giving up a large sum of money. Turns out Boone and Shannon are step-brother/sister and Shannon’s Dad died leaving all his money to Boone’s mother who won’t let Shannon have any. Later Shannon comes to Boone, Brian has left her for the money. Shannon reveals that she knows Boone loves her and the two sleep together, afterwards Boone is wrecked with guilt.

Jack asks Charlie what he thinks of Locke and Charlie says that “if there is one person he would put his faith in the hands of to get them off the island, it would be John Locke”. Kate learns Sun can speak English and Hurley and Jin learn to fish. Hurley steps on an urchin but Jin won’t pee on it. We don’t learn how he was saved.

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