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Episode 116 – “Outlaws”
When Sawyer wakes to find a boar in his tent that runs off with his tarp he begins to track it in the woods, only he’s not very good. Kate decides she’ll tag along and the pair successfully hunt the boar but when Sawyer is face to face with it, he can’t bring himself to shoot it. This is all mirrored by the flashback where we see a young Sawyer witness his father shooting his mother before turning the gun on himself.

An older Sawyer is visited by an old acquaintance who says he has information on the man who conned his mother, he runs a shrimp bar in Australia. When Sawyer gets there and confronts the guy he can’t bring himself to kill him and instead goes to a bar where he starts drinking himself silly, joined by Christian Sheppard.

Christian tells Sawyer about Jack and how he could call him and everything would be forgiven but he’s too weak to do it. He asks Sawyer what his business is to which Sawyer says it’s complicated. Christian tells him to just do it and so Sawyer goes out and shoots the shrimp bar owner. When he begins to read him the letter he wrote when he was a child he realises that this isn’t the Sawyer he thought and he was conned as this is a guy who owes Hibbs, the man who gave Sawyer the information, money.

On the island Charlie is suffering from post traumatic stress but after a chat with Sayid perks up a bit. Jack and Sawyer have a chat and something Jack says sparks something with Sawyer, he realises he was speaking to his dad at the bar that night.

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