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Episode 123 – “Exodus Part 1”
Danielle turns up on the beach with a warning for the survivors, the others are coming. She explains to everyone what happened to her and that she was with her baby for one week before a tall funnel of black smoke rose into the air and they came and took Alex away from her. Now the others are coming again.

Jack proposes that they all hide in the hatch but to get in they’re going to need to blow it open. Danielle agrees to take some of them to the Black Rock where she has some dynamite stored. Arzt, Hurley, Locke, Kate, Jack and Danielle make their way there when Arzt decides he’s had enough. He turns and leaves but is soon running back to the group when he is chased by the smoke monster. Danielle explains that it is a security system for the island.

The raft is nearly built, it needs a few more tweaks and needs to get into the ocean but Jack rallies the survivors together and they all help out to set the raft on its maiden voyage. Charlie is organising messages to go in a bottle on the raft to loved ones. Walt gives Vincent to Shannon to look after and as the boat sets sail he runs after Walt in what is the most tear jerking scene ever. Jack and Sawyer even share a moment when Sawyer decides to tell Jack that he met his Dad in a bar and he was sorry.

In flashbacks we see our survivors at the airport again, nothing really pushes the story along or has any real significance. Jack meets with Ana-Lucia in the bar and after getting along well she is called away on a phone call but promises that they’ll have that drink on the plane.

Episode 124 – “Exodus Part 2”
Again no real flashbacks to speak of, a few more little additions or reminders, such as Charlie used to be a junkie. Jin goes to the airport bathroom to be confronted by a man working for Mr. Paik. He tells Jin that they know he’s planning on running away and if he does, they’ll find him and take Sun away from him.

The raft is making waves until the rudder falls off. Sawyer jumps into the ocean to rescue it and when he gets back on board Michael finds the gun that Jack gave him. Danielle has returned to the camp and she asks to hold Claries baby, when Claire sees the scratches on Danielle’s arm her memory starts to return and she asks why she gave them to her. Claire is then attacked at the baby taken. She pleads with Charlie to get her baby, bring little Aaron back to her.

Sayid and Charlie run off into the jungle and find the beach craft plane, Sayid tells Charlie about it and smashes one of the statues in front of him, he sees the heroin and takes a long hard look at it. Jack, Kate and Locke find the dynamite at the black rock and Artz shows them how dangerous it is by getting blown up. Kate wants to carry some sticks to the hatch but Jack won’t let her, Locke suggest drawing straws and it is Jack whose left without. They make their way carefully to the hatch, wondering what it hides. Locke believes inside there is hope. Hurley hopes there’s Twinkies.

Episode 125 – “Exodus Part 3”
Once again the flashbacks don’t play any real part in the episode, we see the survivors get on board the plane, Hurley plagued by the numbers that appear everywhere, even on a netball teams jerseys lined up at the airport. Locke, Hurley, Kate and Jack are making their way back with the dynamite, wandering through the dark territory a bird flies overhead, it’s a strange looking bird. The group are then attacked by the smoke monster.

Once again Locke doesn’t run, he is intrigued by this “security system” but when it explodes out of the ground next to him he has real fear in his eyes. Jack goes back to rescue him as Locke is pulled through the jungle by the smoke monster and down into a hole in the ground. Locke demands Jack let him go but he refuses, instead Kate throws some dynamite into the ground and the smoke monster vanishes.

Locke and Jack have a confrontation about why they’re on this island. Jack doesn’t believe in fate or destiny and Locke says its because Jack is a man of science whilst Locke is a man of faith. He believes the island is testing him and Boone was a sacrifice, that everything that has happened has led up to this event. They get to the hatch and lay the dynamite when Hurley spots the numbers written on the side of the hatch. He starts yelling, begging them not to blow it but they do.

On the raft they’ve fixed the rudder and Michael and Sawyer disagree on whether to turn on the radar or not. They do and a blip on the horizon shows. Again they argue about what it could be and if they should fire the flare. They do, but perhaps they shouldn’t. The boat that arrives for them is carrying some strange people who ask for the boy. Michael refuses to hand over his son and so the others board the raft and take him. Sawyer goes to fire a shot but gets shot himself, Jin dives into the sea after him and Michael is restrained whilst they take Walt and drive off, not before throwing a grenade and blowing up the raft.

Sayid and Charlie find the source of the black smoke and Danielle and Aaron. Danielle is upset as the others aren’t there, Charlie thinks she’s making it all up. She says she heard the voices say they wanted the boy and she thought she could trade Aaron for Alex. Charlie takes Aaron and they head back to camp. At the hatch they inspect the damage and are left to look down an long and dark shaft into the hatch.

Season One Questions
– What is the smoke monster?
– How did the Black Rock end up so far inland?
– Who are the Others?
– What was the sickness?
– What is the significance of the numbers?
– How is Walt special?
– Why did the Others take Walt?
– What is in the hatch?

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