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Episode 201 – “Man of Science, Man of Faith”
The opening scene of the new season shows a man woken by an alarm buzzing. He gets up and goes to an old computer, types something, hits “Execute” and the alarm stops. He puts on a record, Mama Cass Elliot’s Make Your Own Kind of Music and sets about his daily routine when an explosion halts everything. He gets dressed and looks down his telescope to see two people staring down a shaft, Jack and Locke.

Jack takes Locke, Hurley and Kate back to the caves where he tells everyone that they can’t get into the hatch but everything is going to be OK. Locke grabs some cable and heads back to the hatch, shortly followed by Kate. Jack then decides he can’t let them do it alone so follows them too.

In flashbacks we see a woman admitted to the ER, she has been in a car accident and has some of the car sticking out of her chest. Jack operates then the other casualty is admitted, Jack has to make a call on which patient to save, he chooses the woman. Later we learn it is Sarah, Jack’s future wife and this is the operation that he fixed her on. He tells her that her back is shattered and there is a good chance she’ll never be able to walk again. He performs surgery but just before Sarah goes under he promises her he’ll fix her.

After the operation Jack is running a tour de stade when he trips. Another runner helps him out and they share stories of why they’re running. Jack because he can’t get over telling a lie to his patient and the other is training for a race around the world. They exchange names, this guy is called Desmond, he says to Jack that he’ll “see him in another life, brother” and continues running.

Jack goes back to Sarah who awakens from her operation. He apologises to her and says she’ll be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. She doesn’t believe him as she can move her toes. Jack administers some tests and Sarah can feel her legs. It’s a miracle.

Back on the island Shannon has lost Vincent, she and Sayid go into the jungle to find him. They get split up and Shannon falls, when she gets back to her feet she hears whispers and then sees Walt, drenched in water. He raises his finger to his lips to tell her to shh but when Sayid appears Walt has gone.

At the hatch, Locke lowers Kate down into the hatch, she drops her torch and the cable slips. She then sees shadows below and screams for Locke to stop but the light comes on and suddenly Locke is finding a force pulling against him. The light goes off and the cable has gone slack, Kate doesn’t answer. Locke lowers himself into the hatch and when Jack arrives they are both nowhere to be seen. Jack climbs down the hatch and cautiously makes his way down the corridors, there is some painting on the wall that has the numbers 108 on it and a very strong magnet. The light goes on again and Jack hides, he finds himself in the computer room, as he is about to press some buttons Locke tells him not to do it. Locke is being held at gunpoint. They both try to tell Jack to lower his weapon but he refuses. The other man steps behind Locke and he and Jack look at each other, it’s Desmond!

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