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Episode 204 – “Everybody Hates Hugo”
In flashbacks we see what happened to Hurley straight after he found out he won the lottery. He quits his job at Mr. Clucks Chicken which in turn gets his friend Johnny to quit. They go to the record store, listen to Drive Shaft and Hurley asks out the girl behind the counter. When asked Hurley says he just has to know before…After a fun day they end up a petrol station, Hurley asks Johnny to promise no matter what, nothing will change between them. At the petrol station a bunch of reporters are questioning a clerk, Johnny jumps out to find out what’s going on when he learns the winning lotto ticket came from this station and then the clerk recognises Hurley. Johnny is left staring as the press snaps shots of Hurley.

In the hatch everyone has been given jobs and Hurley is now in charge of the food, a job he doesn’t want. In a dream he sees Jin who speaks perfect English and says “everything is going to change”. Hurley thinks that by being in charge of the food everyone is going to be angry at him when he has to ration it. He decides to blow it up but is talked out of it, he then tells Jack he is going to share it among everyone and he agrees.

On the other side of the island Ana Lucia’s group agree that Michael, Jin and Sawyer are no threat and were on the plane with them. They take them to another hatch they’ve found and we learn there were twenty-three survivors but now there are only a few left. Bernard is one of them and he is happy to learn his wife, Rose, is alive on the other side of the island.

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