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Episode 210 – “The 23rd Psalm”
In flashbacks we see a young Mr. Eko playing football with some of the other children when a truck carrying men with guns pulls up. A priest runs out of the church screaming not to take the kids but gets hit with a blow to the back of the head. Mr. Eko protects a younger child, his brother Yemi, but Yemi is pulled away and told to shoot an old man in front of him. Eko grabs the gun off his brother and shoots, he is told he is a cold blooded killer and taken with the men. Years later and Mr. Eko is now a top dog in this gang and his latest task is to get a load of heroin out of Nigeria. To do this he asks Yemi to make him a preist and they’ll fly it out on a plane.

At the airport Yemi arrives and begs Eko to reconisder, just because he signed a piece of paper doesn’t mean he is a priest. Eko tells Yemi to leave but the military turn up and start shooting at the plane. Yemi gets shot in the crossfire and Eko helps him onto the plane but as Eko tries to get on board he is kicked out by his gang member to face the military who mistake him for the preist his brother was.

On the island Claire asks Eko about being religious and mentions Charlie has a statue of the Virgin Mary. Eko asks to see the statue and smashes it to reveal the heroin. Charlie takes Mr. Eko through the jungle to the plane, on the way Eko encounters the smoke monster. They are face to face and the camera view pans around and through the smoke monster, as it does we see images like a camera taking pictures flash in the smoke. What is this? Is the smoke monster reading Eko’s past? The monster passes and they find the plane. Eko gives Charlie a statue to replace the one he broke and takes the cross from around his brothers neck. They burn the plane and head back to the beach where Charlie finds Claire has moved him out of her hut.

Elsewhere Kate gives Sawyer a haircut, Jin and Sun bring Ana Lucia a fish, Hurley helps Libby build a shelter and Michael is using the computer to talk to Walt who is OK but being held captive by the Others. Michael wants Locke to teach him how to use a gun.

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