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Episode 212 – “Fire and Water”
In flashbacks we see a young Charlie at Christmas wondering where all his presents are, his mum shows him a huge one at the back of the room, a piano. They tell him he is going to save the family and then the young Charlie turns into old Charlie and young Liam turns into old Liam, his mum still repeats “save us” and his father appears chopping meat. Then we’re on the island and Charlie is playing the piano in the ocean with Aaron’s screams coming from within. Charlie then sees his mother and Claire as angels telling Charlie he must save Aaron.

Continued flashbacks show Liam as a father but not being around for the birth, instead chosing to get high. He then gets kicked out by his other half for dropping the baby. Charlie says things will be alright as he’s writing again and he plays a bit of a song he’s working on. The next day Charlie finds his piano missing, Liam has sold it for money to take his family to Australia as he has to think about them now.

On the island Charlie thinks he has to save Aaron by getting him baptised, but after sleep-walking and stealing Aaron he is not the most popular person on the island. As Charlie watches Locke move in on Claire and Aaron he gets more angry causing him to start a fire to distract the survivors as he steals Aaron and runs towards the sea. Locke confronts him and tells Charlie to give up the baby, when Charlie refuses he tells Locke he isn’t Aarons father or family to which Locke says neither is Charlie. When he hands Aaron over Locke punches Charlie three times.

Elsewhere Hurley gets closer to Libby and Charlie is now ostrosized from the group.

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