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Episode 213 – “The Long Con”
When Sun is dragged into the woods suspicion is aroused in the camp, with Ana Lucia and Jack wanting to raise an army it seems like a good con of theirs to scare the survivors. Sawyer is sent to warn Locke that Jack is coming for the guns in order to track down who did this to Sun so Locke moves the weapons.

In flashbacks we see a “long con” in progress as Sawyer tries the usual con on recently divorced Cassidy. She guesses she is being conned straight away and gets Sawyer to teach her the ropes, all along not knowing she is part of a bigger con. After six months Sawyer tells his partner he can’t go through with this and he threatens him with his life. Sawyer returns to Cassidy and tells her the truth, that he knew about her money all along and she was always being conned. He gets her to leave and says he’ll meet her later only to walk off with the real money himself.

Hurley tries to cheer up Sayid by giving him the tail survivors radio and when he tries it out with Hurley under the stars they pick up ‘Moonlight Serenade’ and Hurley says that it must be close. Sayid tells him these radio waves could be coming from anywhere to which Hurley says “or any time”, then says he is just kidding. When Jack discovers the guns gone he confronts Locke only for Sawyer to walk out of the jungle with a gun. He says that when he left to find rescue everyone just raided his stash and divided it up between them, now he is in control again as he has the guns.

Kate can’t believe he conned her and asks why he did it, he says a tiger never changes his stripes. In the jungle Sawyer meets Charlie who refuses a statue of drugs saying he just wanted John to feel a fool. He says no one must find out what he did to Sun. Sawyer agrees.

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