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Episode 215 – “Maternity Leave”
When Aaron gets a nasty rash Claire instantly panics and her worry is heightened further when Danielle appears and says Aaron is infected. Claire goes to Libby and asks her to help her remember but when Libby brings back some of Claires memory Claire decides to go and find Danielle.

There are no off island flashbacks this episode, instead we see what happened to Claire whilst she was missing for two weeks. We see her in what appears to be a hospital ward being treated by Ethan who is injecting Claire’s belly with something. Claire is delirious, obviously drugged. Ethan shows her a room that has been built for her baby and takes her out of the hatch into the jungle where he says they are good people and won’t take Claire’s baby unless she wants them too. Claire is happy to hand him over and is told that when the baby comes they only have enough vaccine for the baby, not for Claire so she must leave.

Later Claire is woken by a teenage girl who shows her that the Others are planning on cutting the baby out of her that night and Claire must run away. But Claire is delirious and doesn’t want to leave so the girl chloroforms her and drags her into the jungle. When she wakes up she calls for Ethan, Danielle is there who tries to help but Claire scratches her arm trying to get away. Danielle knocks out Claire and carries her back to near her camp where she would be found.

When Kate, Claire and Danielle find the hatch where Claire was kept it’s empty, there is no vaccine and no sign of anyone. There is however a bunch of lockers and in the lockers are some rags for clothes and prop glue with fake beard. In Claire’s memory flashbacks we saw a man who in other episodes had a beard. Are they faking it? They head back to the beach where Claire tells Aaron she loves him so much and that she now knows that they’re meant to look after each other.

In the Swan station Mr. Eko realises that Locke and Jack are keeping someone captive so asks to speak with him. Eko tells Henry about the first night on the island when he killed two of the Others. Henry asks why he’s telling him this to which Eko says that he had to tell someone and cuts off the two tufts of beard he had. Locke gives Henry a book and talks to Jack about Hemingway always feeling he was in the shadow of Dostoevsky. Later Henry asks Locke about it saying they have thin doors. He asks Locke if he’s the genius or the guy who feels he’s in the shadow of the genius. He then says he can’t believe Locke lets the doctor boss him around. Locke says they make decisions together and Henry says its his mistake. Locke then returns to the kitchen where he throws the crockery on the floor much to Henry’s delight.

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