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Episode 219 – “SOS”
Bernard can’t believe people seem to have forgotten they crashed on the island and are still awaiting rescue. He gathers a bunch of people and tells them of his plan to build a giant sign in the sand so that passing planes, like the one that performed the food drop, and satellites can see it. Unfortunately, Bernards management skills are that great and when he tells everyone to go get black rocks and drag them half a mile through the jungle whilst he marks out the letters his group diminishes from 15 to 4.

In flashbacks we see how Bernard and Rose met, fell in love and ended up on the island. After five months of being together Bernard proposes to Rose, she tells him she’s dying, how she is sick, was in remission but now its back. He doesn’t care, he still wants to marry her. On their honeymoon they go to Australia, Rose thinks they’re lost but Bernard has brought her to the outback to visit a faith healer. Isaac of Uluru. Isaac goes to heal Rose but suddenly opens his eyes and says he can’t, this isn’t the right place for her. He offers to give Bernard his donation back but Rose says she’s going to tell him he healed her.

Back on the island Rose brings Bernard some supper, his work force has left him. Rose apologises, she has been lying to him, she tells him about Isaac and Bernard can’t believe it. Rose tells him she can’t feel the sickness anymore, she knows she’s healed and its because of the island. Bernard says if she has to stay, then so does he. Rose knows the island has healing properties as the final scene of the flashback shows her dropping her pills at the airport and being handed them back by John Locke who rolls up in his wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Henry refuses to talk, Locke demands he tell him if the button was pressed or not but Henry won’t say anything. Jack and Kate decide to go out to the line they’re not supposed to cross and demand a trade, but after calling for a long time with no response, Kate thinks its time to go back. But later they hear something coming out of the jungle, a man runs towards them and them collapses. They turn him over and its Michael!

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