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Episode 221 – “?”
We open with Ana Lucia meeting Mr. Eko as he builds his church, but it’s a dream. Ana tells him he must help John and to find the Question Mark. Yemi appears and says the same thing so Eko goes to the hatch in search of John and finds the aftermath of Michael’s shooting. Libby isn’t dead but she is critically wounded. Jack wants to go out after Henry but Eko says he’ll go with John.

Whilst tracking Eko asks John about the question mark, John plays dumb so Eko knocks him out. When he comes to John shows Eko the rudimentary map he drew and they hike off until they find the plane Eko burnt. They camp and this time John has a dream where he is Eko following Yemi up the cliff face. John awakens and Eko climbs up the cliff and looks down to see a circle. They investigate and find a hatch hidden under the plane.

In flashbacks Eko is a priest in Australia, he buys a fake passport in an attempt to fly to LA, however his flight is going to be delayed as there is a miracle going on. A young girl supposedly drowned then came back to life during the autopsy. The mother believes it is a miracle but the father thinks it’s a case of the coroner not knowing what he’s doing. He believes his wife is just looking for a miracle because of what he does for a living. This is the same man who Claire went to see, who told Claire to give her baby up to a LA couple. He says he is a fraud.

At the airport Eko is ready to board his plane when the young girl turns up and tells him she has a message from his brother. She says Yemi believes him to be a good man and a good priest. She says she saw him whilst between places.

Back on the island and Eko and Locke investigate the new hatch, it is the Pearl station, a monitoring station. In the orientation video they are told that they have to log everything that goes on in other stations. They don’t need to know what is going on other than the participants think it is of the upmost importance. So Locke believes pushing the button is a big fraud. Eko tells him it isn’t and that pushing the button has become the most important thing on the island.

Jack tries to save Libby but can’t, even injecting her with some of the heroin doesn’t save her. Hurley is distraught, he apologises for forgetting the blankets and she wakes up, she whispers Michaels name before dying. Jack believes she’s asking about him when really she is laying the blame.

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