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Episode 222 – “Three Minutes”
In another episode where we don’t get off island flashbacks, we see what has happened to Michael in the thirteen days he was away on his own. We see him take a gun and run off into the jungle, how he met an Other and was then captured. How he was backstage when the Others told Jack, Sawyer and Locke not to cross the line. He was taken to the Others camp which was worn and of poor repair. A blood sample was taken from him and a woman known as Miss Clue asked him questions about Walt.

Later when Michael is tied up he asks how long it’s going to be before they kill him, he can’t answer any of their questions and he knows where they are now so he’s a dead man. Miss Clue tells him that one of them has been captured and they need Michael to bring back the people on the list. He demands to see Walt before he does this and they bring him in. Walt says that they’re not who they say they are before being dragged away.

In the “present” day Michael is conning Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley into joining his renegade band on a trip to rescue Walt and rage war with the Others. Sayid wants to join in too and Sawyer invites him along. Michael goes to speak with Sayid and tells him he can’t go, Sayid agrees, but later talks to Jack and says he believes Michael has been compromised. He wants to plan a strategy to give them back the advantage.

At the funerals of Ana Lucia and Libby, Sun spots a boat floating out on the ocean.

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