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Episode 302 – “The Glass Ballerina”
As a young girl Sun smashes a glass ballerina, her father asks who did it and Sun blames the maid. Older, Sun has slept with Jae Lee, he wants her to go with her to America, to leave Jin and Korea behind. He has bought her a pearl necklace which she can’t accept. Then there is a knock at the door and in walks Mr. Paik. He sees Sun naked in bed with Jae Lee. He then goes to Jin and demands he kill Jae Lee, Jin only wants to deliver a message but Mr. Paik tells him he can’t. Jin quits but Mr. Paik talks him around. Jin goes to see Jae Lee but only beats him. Jae Lee thinks he is there because he knows he has slept with Sun. Jin leaves a bloody Jae Lee alone and when he gets to his car, Jae’s body comes crashing onto it. At the funeral Mr. Paik tells Sun he can’t tell Jin the truth, its not his place.

On the island Sayid, Jin and Sun find the dock where their friends were captured. Sayid lies and starts a signal fire to attract the Others. Sun knows what he’s doing and it doesn’t take long before Jin cottons on. They send Sun back to the boat and wait for the Others to turn up. But they sneak past them and onto the boat where Sun shoots one of them. She manages to escape but the Others have taken the boat.

Sawyer and Kate are forced to lug rocks, if they don’t do as they’re told then they’ll be shocked. Sawyer takes an opportunity and kisses Kate, as the Others come to shock him he attacks them. Sawyer manages to fight off a bunch but Juliette holds a gun to Kate and so Sawyer is forced to stop. Back in the cages and Sawyer tells Kate they can take the Others, they just need an opportunity. But unbeknownst to them, Ben is listening in on his monitoring station.

Ben goes to see Jack, he asks him to change his perspective on the situation and if he helps them, Ben will make sure Jack gets home. Jack refuses to believe that Ben can send people home but Ben says he can, he knows what has happened in the outside world in the 69 days the survivors have been crashed on the island and proves it by showing the Red Sox winning the World Series. Jack is shocked and Ben repeats, if he helps them, Ben will take Jack home.

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