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Episode 303 – “Further Instructions”
When Locke wakes up from the hatch implosion he is unable to speak. He enlists the help of Charlie and says he needs to speak to the island. He builds a sweat lodge and in it he has a vision. Boone appears and tells him that he needs to clean up his own mess and save one of the survivors. Locke jumps out of the lodge, his voice returned, he needs to save Mr. Eko.

In flashbacks we see John as part of a cult family on a farm. One his way back one day he picks up a hitchhiker and brings him to the ranch where he is welcomed. The farm has a sweat lodge too and Locke tells the kid, Eddie, that inside you get to find out what you are going to be in life, a farmer or a hunter. After six weeks at the farm Eddie wants to know what is going on in the big greenhouse, he sees fertilizer going in and assumes they want to blow something up. Locke laughs but when he goes to speak to the ranch owners, Mike and Jan, about Eddie they are trying to conceal evidence. They are growing marijuana and have found out Eddie is actually a cop. John says he’ll handle it but out in the forest hunting he holds Eddie to gunpoint but can’t fire. Eddie says he is a farmer and Locke says no, he was a hunter.

On the island Locke and Charlie follow a trail, on route they encounter Hurley on his way back from the other side of the island. Locke tells him to go back to the beach and they’ll worry about Sawyer, Kate and Jack later. Locke finds the polar bear’s cave and goes in where he finds Eko unconscious. There is a scuffle with a polar bear and they escape.

On his way back to the beach Hurley bumps into Desmond. Des is naked, his clothes must have been blown off when the hatch imploded. Hurley tells him what happened on the other side of the island and Des says that Locke will give a speech and go rescue them. Locke and Charlie rest for some water and when Charlie leaves Eko and Locke alone, Eko wakes up and tells John he can still be the savoir, he is a hunter. When they return to the beach news is broken of Jack, Sawyer and Kate’s capture and Locke tells the camp that they will go and rescue them. Hurley is shocked, a major case of déj

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