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Episode 304 – “Every Man For Himself”
In flashbacks we see Sawyer in prison, he was put there by the woman he tried to con for six million. A new inmate arrives, apparently he has conned the government out of $10million. Sawyer feigns an interest, tells the inmate how much he hates the warden and would love to get one up on him. Sawyer gains the inmates trust and its not long before he confides in him to move the money for him. On visitation day Cassidy turns up and tells Sawyer he has a daughter, Clementine. Sawyer refuses to accept he has a daughter.

Once Sawyer knows the location of the money he is brought before the warden, it was a con all along. Sawyer reveals the location and is rewarded by getting a pass out of prison and a cut of the money. Sawyer asks that it goes in a bank account in Albuquerque for a Clementine Phillips.

On the island Desmond asks Claire if he can fix her tent for her, he suggest she moves down the beach just for tonight but she refuses. Des goes and gets a golf club and builds a lightning rod and places it just outside Claries tent. Later Hurley spots his creation and watches as a bolt of lightning strikes and hits the rod.

Sawyer plants a trap for the Others using water and the electric shock machine. When Ben comes Sawyer grabs him but the machine isn’t giving off any power, Ben says he turned it off and attacks Sawyer. They take him away and stab a giant needle into him. Jack can hear the screams from the intercom in his cell. Ben tells Sawyer he has been injected with a pacemaker and his heart will explode if it goes over so many beats per minute.

The woman Sun shot, Colleen, is brought to the Others camp, Juliette tries to rescue her but she needs Jacks help. When he is brought to the hospital he spots some x-rays on the wall. Jack fails to save Colleen and he husband goes right after Sawyer, beating him brutally, only relenting when Kate says she loves Sawyer. Kate escapes her cell but Sawyer refuses to escape with her, knowing that he can’t run or fight otherwise his heart may give out. Kate just thinks he’s being stubborn.

Later Ben takes Sawyer on a walk, he tells him that they put nothing in him but doubt, that the only way to gain a con man’s trust is to con him. Ben takes Sawyer to a cliff top and they look over the water to another island. Ben says that that is the island Sawyer has spent his time on. He is now on a totally different island, so there is no escape.

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