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Episode 314 – “Expose”
When Nikki comes running out of the jungle and collapses on the floor, her last words muffled, Sawyer and Hurley rush to find her apparently dead. When her boyfriend or husband Paulo turns up dead too, questions are raised.

This is essentially a clip show as the flashbacks show what happened to Nikki and Paulo until their eventual demise. We see a lot of clips from the previous episodes but from their point of view. Nikki was an actress on TV show ‘Expose’ and was dating the director. He hired Paulo as his chef and he dies from food poisoning allows Nikki and Paulo to steal some diamonds worth eight million from him and flee to LA on flight 815. When they crash most of their time is spent looking for the bag with the diamonds in them.

We learn Dr. Artz was cataloguing all the bugs on the island and Nikki learns from him that he has a Medusa Spider that will paralyze its victim for up to eight hours. When looking for the bag Nikki and Paulo stumble upon the Pearl station and the Yemi’s plane but don’t say anything. When Paulo finds the bag in the same place Sawyer and Kate found the briefcase of guns, he keeps it secret from Nikki and takes the diamonds himself, hiding them in the Pearl station bathroom. When he is down there Juliette and Ben arrive and watch Jack on the monitor. Later Nikki learns Paulo lied to her so she throws the Medusa spider at him and he becomes paralyzed. But the spider also attracts loads of males which bite Nikki. She runs to the beach and mutter “paralyzed” but Hurley misinterprets it as ‘Paulo Lies’.

On the island we focus on Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie and Sun as they try to figure out how Nikki and Paulo died. Sawyer discovers the diamonds and a walkie-talkie in Nikki’s bag. They come to the assumption that they were working with the Others. Charlie and Sun are digging the graves and Sun mentions about when she was dragged into the woods by the Others. Charlie confesses it was actually him. As Nikki and Paulo are buried, Sawyer throws the diamonds in with him and as the dirt is being piled on top of them, Nikki opens her eyes, but she goes unnoticed.

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