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Episode 315 – “Left Behind”
In flashbacks we see Claire hanging around Iowa, her car has broken down and it’ll take a few days to fix. At the garage there is some commotion, Cassidy Phillips is trying to sell some dodgy merchandise. Kate saves the day and stops the man from calling the police. Both Cassidy and Kate share a drink and talk about each others pasts. Cassidy wants to help Kate and by acting as a decoy learns there are six FBI agents watching Kate’s mother. They pull another stunt and Kate gets to talk to her mother at the diner but she doesn’t get the reception she hoped for. Kate then wants to help Cassidy get the man who conned her but she won’t accept any help. Cassidy confides in Kate she is pregnant with his baby.

On the island and Hurley warns Sawyer there is going to be a vote to banish him from the camp so he better start making nice with people. With Hurley’s help Sawyer scores some brownie points with the camp but learns later there was never going to be a vote. Hurley set him up to show him that as the camp’s new temporary leader he has to be in control.

On the other side of the island Locke comes to Kate, he says he’s leaving with the Others. He put in a good word for her but then he learned her past and what she did. Kate is gassed and watches as the Others leave. When she awakens she is in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliette. Kate wants to go back to the Others barracks but on route they are attacked by the smoke monster who seems to whisper Juliette’s name and then take photos of them. In the morning they continue their journey and reach the sonic fence, Kate doesn’t want to go through having seen what happened to Mikhail but when the smoke monster appears again they go through and Juliette turns them on.

In the struggle Juliette un-handcuffed herself from Kate. Kate is a bit miffed but doesn’t really question it. They arrive at the barracks and Kate apologises to Jack. They all reunite and plan to return to the beach. But Sayid doesn’t want Juliette coming with them but Jack says she is because they left her behind too.

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